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NORA BORN (1986) studied Process Design and Interaction Management at the HyperWerk Institute in Basel (FHNW). With this background, she’s active in the implementation of artistic and social projects. Besides her debut album, concerts and commissioned works as a singer-songwriter, she’s worked on various films, documentaries and video clips.
FRITZ RÖSLI (1984) studied Social Work at the FHNW and directed the community meeting point BURG which has a focus on socio-cultural animation. Fritz Rösli takes part in the committee of the Werkraum Warteck pp association on top of his independent activities as an artist and a craftsman.
MARIANNE PAPST (1982) has a Masters in Art Education. Besides her teaching activities (seminars, workshops, elementary school) she’s active in various art and art-conveyance projects. She’s co-founder of “marsie” - a collective of artists – and organizer of the biennial performance-art festival “Kunst der Begegnung” in Basel since 2011.
NATALIE SIGG (1984) has been playing on various stages of the world as an actress already and likes to play with the sun in her face on street music tracks to
the south or the east. Intercultural projects are as much a part of her
life’s work as massaging sore bodies.